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CJ Conway is a multidisciplinary artist whose work with elemental mateials, forces and everyday items combine in themes that reflect a poetic, dynamic and interconnected universe.  In the studio she is influenced by a tradition of experimentation and materiality which results in work that often requires audience interactivity. By joining people to people and people to their environments, Conway often aspires to a therapeutic function in the aesthetic. In work of economy and sensory engagement, she attends to the interplay of the physical and metaphysical worlds. Born in New York, Conway attended the American Academy of Art in Chicago and completed her BFA Honours, with RMIT in 2010. She has exhibited both locally and internationally showing most recently at Serial Space in Sydney, Blindside, RMIT’s Project Space, The 2012 NotFair, and Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne. She was recently awarded an ArtStart Grant from the Australia Council. Conway currently resides in Melbourne and in addition to her independent practice, has an ongoing art/science collaboration with the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health. In 2013, her focus is directed to eco-awareness, conservation and shamanic studies as a landholder in the Peruvian amazon.



See the work that CJ made during her residency....

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