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Dunja Rmandić is a writer and curator, currently working as the Curator of Collections at Devonport Regional Gallery, Tasmania. Dunja has worked in a number of commercial and public galleries since graduating with Masters in Art Curatorship in 2007. She has been on the board of Kings ARI since 2009 and worked on various projects, including curating 'Forms of Deceit' (Counihan Gallery in Brunswick), 'Humming a New Diaspora' (Blindside) and co-curating ‘Letter From the Field’ (Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin). She has published a number of writings including a chapter for Next Wave project 'Views From Here: 19 Perspectives on Feminism' and has had a number of publications including reviews in Un Magazine, Artlink and most recently co-authoring a chapter in Utopian Slumps: The Collingwood Years.



Read the essay Dunja wrote for the catalogue...


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