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Jessie Bullivant graduated from a Bachelor of Fine Art (Drawing), RMIT, 2011. Jessie is the recipient of the Australia Council Artstart grant and NAVA's Australian Artists Grant. Recent projects include SUPERMARKET International Art Fair (Stockholm) 2013 and an RMIT Mentorship with Susan Jacobs, 2012. Recent solo exhibitions include How to fold a fitted sheet, TCB, 2013; Giving Away Something That is Free, West Space, 2013 and Lift & Lower, Platform Art Spaces, 2010. Working in a number of contexts and capacities, Bullivant is interested in the relationships between actions and events that occur inside and outside of the gallery, both arranged and incidental. To this end, fields as diverse as transport, construction, communication and others are not merely referenced but employed in the making of work. The interaction with these independent systems has the potential to extend the dimensions of the work beyond the architecture of the gallery and community of the artist.



See the work that Jessie made during ther residency...

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