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Russell Grigg teaches philosophy and psychoanalytic studies at the Geelong campus of Deakin University. He also practices psychoanalysis in Melbourne. Russell completed his PhD in the Department of Psychoanalysis founded by Lacan at the University of Paris VIII (Vincennes) where he has also worked as a lecturer. He attended Jacques Lacan’s seminars in its final years and studied under the supervision of Jacques-Alain Miller. As a member of the French psychoanalytic school, Ecole de la Cause freudienne, since its inception he has been involved in the development of Lacanian psychoanalysis in France and internationally.


Russell has been closely involved in the translation of Lacan into English, having translated Lacan’s seminars The Psychoses and The Other Side of Psychoanalysis and having collaborated on the first complete translation of Lacan’s Ecrits. His publications have explored issues in Lacanian psychoanalysis that have ranged over questions of language, and ethics and psychoanalysis. He has also published on clinical issues concerning psychosis and neurosis. His current research is on melancholia.


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